About Me

Carisa Battin, MA, LPC Intern

The healing power of therapy lies in the courage of the client, who reaches out and takes the next step on their healing journey. I began my career as a therapist with many years of seeing the transformative healing power of people processing trauma, connecting, and changing their lives. Seeing the damage that unprocessed trauma and PTSD can do has given me a passion for working with clients who suffer from a history of complex trauma and abuse. Working with clients at Saving Grace, a non-profit that helps survivors of family violence and sexual assault, allows me to partner in the healing journeys of many wonderful individuals and families, using EMDR, ecotherapies, and more. 

I received my Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling in June of 2018, and am currently completing internship hours for licensure, seeing clients for Saving Grace as well as in my private practice. As a Licensed Professional Counseling Intern (R5462), I am supervised by Nora Wayman, LCSW.

Ecotherapies are an important part of my personal wellness practice, and a healing path that I love to share with clients. EMDR is another powerful part of my therapeutic work, often complemented with other interventions. I love learning and developing new tools as I join my clients on the path of growth and healing. 


Due to the pandemic, I am offering HIPAA compliant video and phone sessions, as well as outdoor sessions in the Portland, Oregon area with appropriate safety precautions and physical distancing.  I am offering a further reduced sliding scale to help meet the current urgent need for mental health services due to COVID-19. For more information, contact me for a free phone or video consultation.

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